• .The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.

    - Mark Twain

  • astrolinguistics""&(

    Oracular INtuitive Astrology


    The science and art of astrology for a transforming world

    AstroLinguistics© was designed to reveal the nourishing gifts, skills and intuition each of us has inside. Through the art and science of AstroLinguistics© the evolution of the ancient form is revealed with the emphasis on “linguistic revelation”, Teo’s form of channeling. The outcome of this experience is to create wholeness in our individual Self and the world around us. This wholeness is achieved through the path of integrating the inner and outer worlds of human experience.

    oracular intuitive astrology

    The moment time and space meets inner and outer

    Over 40 years of astrological study and a 30-year active counseling practice birthed Teo’s Oracular Intuitive Astrology. He navigates between the seen and un-seen worlds of your Self, investigating the transformations and challenges your life presents. Your personal Oracle of guides and ancestors merge with Teo’s Oracle so he can give you interpretations merged with your pure intention of healing and finding wholeness within. Come to this session with the questions and concerns of your current life.

  • Oracle Session


    The Oracle Session makes it possible for you to communicate directly with your inner Oracle with and through Teo’s skilled interface with his own Oracle team. Rich in astrological knowledge and with the addition of the intuitive information he accesses, Teo communicates multi-dimensional knowledge and wisdom from your Source back to your outer world.


    Oracle sessions include the discussion of the most important transits, progressions, and within the next 6-month forecast. If a more in-depth exploration is necessary, he can customize your experience according to your needs. You may combine Oracle and Muse sessions together for a 1 1/2 hour experience.


    Bring your questions, concerns and if you have expectations bring them too! Teo will deep dive with you into your worlds of awareness, being a safe and certain guide on the journey within.


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    Muse Session


    Forecasting the next years energies


    Using the classical astrological techniques called transits, progressions, and directions, Teo will give you a journey into the next year of astrological energies in your life. Teo uses traditional and innovative astrological timing techniques, with the skills needed to make the most of the offering your “life walk” potentially indicates. This is a one-hour session. You may combine the Oracle and Muse sessions for a 1 1/2 hour experience.


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    Mentoring Series


    Ongoing counseling and training in AstroLinguistics© and Oracle Building as resources for evolution


    Learning AstroLinguistics© in an individualized format requires a special person with the passion to explore the traditional and psychic innovations which are daily evolving the art and science of astrology. This is a course which is individualized based on your needs and previous experience. Mentoring will challenge you to be acutely present in your life, supporting your natural gifts. It’s best to think of working in cycles of 12 sessions, one every two weeks for 6 months. Mentoring offers an in-depth journey into the mystical aspects of Self as they to the imminent world surrounding us.


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    Couples session


    Learning about each other together


    Couples sessions are a powerful form of active counseling with Teo, you and your partner, together journeying with each other into the relationship and the individual patterns which contribute to, or inhibit the free expression of love. Love in its true form dissolves anything which stands in its way especially, unexpressed Ego, dis-integrated Spirit and Soul patterns, cruelty, past trauma patterns and unconsciousness. Having a perspective which is integrative and caring, Teo can take the two of you on the journey of discovering spiritual states which can lead to a deeper level of Tantric initiation. Truly a multi-dimensional experience, this session is 1 and 1/2 hours in duration. A portion of our time together is focused on each of you as individuals first, then an exploration of the chart combined. This combined chart represents the 'third entity' which is the relationship itself. This is its own chart, sometimes in harmony with the individuals in the relationship, sometimes not.


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    Presence Session


    Relocation and event/election charts are among the most requested services for astrologers.


    If your concerns are about a vacation location or moving to a new city and the opportunities potentially there, a relocation chart may be drawn for any city you may be considering. During the 45-minute session you may have a maximum of 5 cities ready for Teo to prepare beforehand. If you want a more general overview of the world view of your astrological forecasts, we can do a World Map chart analysis, which is also a 45-minute analysis.

    Election charts are drawn for a particular moment in the future to influence the beginning of a project onset. The analysis is 45 minutes but requires hours of preparation before the actual session.


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  • About Teo

    Intuitive Oracular Astrologer and Founder of astrolinguistics

    Teo has been an astrologer since 1980 and a life- long ancestral intuitive. His path of integrating these life experiences continue to inspire him, and fascinate his curiosity for human evolution, including each individual’s Soul development. He calls this continued study and instruction AstroLinguistics©.


    During your session Teo tends to the relationship of your spirit guidance team called the Oracle, by merging with his own Oracle team in a sacred space created before your session. The information from the unseen worlds is then communicated to you through sound, word and vibrational linguistic patterns that he shares with you during your session.


    Teo’s primary intuitive gift is clairaudient, also known as inner-hearing. Clairvoyant (inner-vision) and clairsentient (inner-knowing) abilities continue to be core components in the evolution of his life work of developing AstroLinguistics©.


    AstroLinguistics© is the development of an intuitive based astrological counseling language. The intention is to reframe and bring the ancient knowledge of astrology into the Age of Aquarius, which is just beginning a 2000-year unfoldment.


    Huber Mastery

    University of Exeter, UK


    Findhorn Community Residence

    Forres, Scotland


    NLP Master Programmer

    San Francisco CA USA


    Certified, Clinical Ericksonian Hypnotherapist

    Vancouver BC, Canada


    Certified Death Doula CDI

    Vancouver BC

    Souls who have passed across the veil after death will sometimes come through in the session to speak directly to certain clients. In that case, Teo will translate the information without interpretation, though he doesn’t intentionally access the ones who have passed over, since he is not a trance medium.


    Teo prepares and researches each person’s chart before the session. Approximately 4 hours of research is required to deliver the deep useful information you are searching for.


    The charts for your session are digitized for future reference and are available to you by e-mail attachment after the session at your request.


    This may be obvious to some of you, just to clarify Teo is not a trance medium nor is he a fortune teller. Teo teaches you to access your own natural and authentic intuition and powers of creation. Rather, his message is to embrace the present moment which holds the potential of all that is.

  • What Clients are Saying

    Andrew Dow

    "When I arrive at difficult forks in the road, Teo is there with a map, a compass, and his finely tuned intuitive clarity. His passion and love is such a gift to experience.”








    Julie Freed

    "Teo is the most gifted, intuitive counselor/astrologer I have used and I have been to many!! He is completely heart centred and tapped into the stars and universe in ways that blow me away.

    His readings have helped guide me throughout my life for many years and I recommend him to my dearest often."

    Mira Sophia

    "Teo’s ability to see into his clients through the lens of astrology as well as his well honed intuitive knowing allows him to be

    one of the most brilliant oracular guides I know. Teo is a deep soul with a beautiful compassionate heart. One would be blessed many times over to receive a reading from him."

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