• The following statements speak of my journey in this life:


    “Astrology is a language. If you understand this language,

    the sky speaks to your heart.”

    Dane Rudhyar


    "The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart."



    "Sentimentality is a failure of feeling"

    Wallace Stevens

    (this one saves me daily)


    "Personal cosmology is creation, a creative, active and spacious participation in Unity consciousness"



    Welcome to my life!



  • Oracle Muse Consulting Sessions

    The Oracle Muse Sessions are a consulting service offered by Teo to create the space for your inner guidance to speak to you directly by communicating with you through Teo’s skills and abilities. He has had a lifelong interface with his own inner Oracle team, including Kriya. Kriya is Teo's life long inner companion and the voice of the Teo's Oracle team. These beings are walking with him in the other dimensions while in session with you. Teo translates this information during the session and brings the added wisdom of doing the "work" himself so the intuitive information he accesses is clear, authentic and insightful. He interfaces the multi-dimensional knowledge and wisdom from your inner Oracle team to order to enhance your true outer expression and fulfillment.

    Oracle Muse Initiation Session

    An Oracle Muse Initiation Session includes an in-depth discussion of the most important transits and progressions within your next 6-month forecast. If you have a more specific concern or theme, or if exploring and development of your life purpose is your focus, Teo can customize your experience according to your needs. Oracle Muse Initiation Sessions are in part intuitive and part astrological. The duration is 90 minute+ and is video recorded, and invoiced after your session.

    Teo will deep dive with you into your deep worlds of awareness and potential, being a safe and certain guide with you on the journey within.


    Initial individual session

    90 minutes-330.00 USD

    With PDF Transcription-380.00 USD

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    Oracle Muse Evolution Session

    Oracle Muse Evolution Sessions help you continue the journey of your life long journey of inner growth and exploration. The most important astrological transits, progressions, and directions within the next 6-month are forecasted. If you have specific questions, Teo can customize your experience according to your needs. Oracle Muse Evolution Sessions are a 60 minute+ experience, video recorded, and invoiced after your session.


    Continued Evolution Sessions allow Teo to have a deeper connection with you into your worlds of awareness, while being safe with a trustworthy and compassionate guide with you on your inner journey.



    Following individual sessions

    60 minutes-220.00 USD

    With PDF Transcription-270.00 USD

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    Oracle Muse Language of Love Session


    Oracle Muse Love Language Sessions includes a discussion of you and your partner(s) in-depth astrological analysis. Teo will customize your Love Language Session according to all of your needs with a brief pre- session meeting. Oracle Muse Love Language Sessions are a 120 minute+ experience which is video recorded, and invoiced after your session.


    Please bring your questions, concerns and if you have expectations bring them too! Teo will deep dive with you both into your individual and relational experience with awareness, being a safe and certain guide on the journey within.


    Couples session

    120 minutes-440.00 USD

    With PDF Transcription-540.00 USD

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    Oracle Muse Kriya© Session

    Oracle Muse Kriya Sessions

    Kriya is a dimensional being once living on Earth in a series of human lives spanning 30,030 to 26, 052 BC, a span of 3978 years of incarnations. Teo and Kriya have been companions walking together between the worlds since Teo was very small, since even before birth. During childhood and through a crisis filled and stormy early life, Kriya was in the background supporting and preparing Teo for his gifted moments of awakening through many decades of struggle and loss, enlightenment and compassion. Death and encountering "the veil between the worlds" has been in Teo's awareness since his earliest memories, instructed to allow what comes with Kriya's loving guidance. Living and learning to allow spiritual Light "the blood of the Mother" to flow through our systems through experiencing and manifesting enlightenment. Kriya knows of these worlds and Teo's joy is to share this life long relationship in a private session.


    Individual session (can be 1 to 7 participants) trance channeling session

    60 minutes- $1800.00 USD (divided by the number of participants if you wish or alone)

    PDF transcriptions are complimentary for each participant.

  • AstroLinguistics© Academy

    Oracular Intuitive Astrology

    These are courses in learning authentic intuition, wholeness in Self and resourcefulness in community

    Soul reveals purpose through the science and art of AstroLinguistics©


    The AstroLinguistics© Academy invites you embrace the nourishing gifts, skills and innate intuition that each of us has within. Intuition is a human birthright and is considered the 6th sense for the reason that our senses are perceptual miracles. Our senses and perceptions determine our experiences, our human survival and personal expression. Teo soulfully and passionately teaches the art and science of AstroLinguistics©. By using the shared three language of these oracle decks; resonance, galactic and sourcer. He designed these oracle decks through the “linguistic revelation”, of his other worlds companion Kriya. Kriya is Teo's conscious other dimensional companion who assists him in these teachings. These courses are designed for you to create wholeness in Self with adaptation, responding more fluidly to the world around you. Wholeness can be achieved through developing your unique form of intuition, genius and ability to inspire others. Intuition helps you integrate the inner/outer worlds of human experience. Kriya's unique view of human possibilities is central to the experience. You do not have to have any experience in astrology or intuition to participate.

    resonance course

    including the resonance oracle deck©

    Coming Spring 2023

    -teleconferencing -75 minutes bi weekly


    AstroLinguistics© resonance is a course about how to journey deeper into your personal world of your style of intuition . Intuition is our human birth rite. resonance is an invitation to applying this awareness to your practice of personal growth, heightening the vibrational cycles in the world around you. Teo developed this new approach of intuitive study through over 40 years of astrological study and a personal practice spanning over thousands of charts. Through integrating his intuition and astrology he birthed AstroLinguisticsics© resonance, a 6 week course. The resonance course includes the resonance oracle deck©, a oracular card deck originally designed by Teo and Kriya for this training, The deck is a shared tool for exploring in self and community by using a shared language to accelerate depth, knowledge and clarity. Applying intuition to our lives leads to wisdom. Teo and Kriya will walk with you as you learn to nurture these powerful gifts, bringing the capacity to serve yourself and others. Of course this inner/outer balancing may only occur if you fully participate, merging with your pure intention of developing a wholeness within. Come to this course with the questions and concerns of your current life and get ready to dive in deeper. Learn how to assist others in their journey of spreading the light of wholeness along the way.

    galactic course

    including the galactic oracle deck©

    Coming Soon

    teleconferencing-75 minutes bi weekly

    Price available by request


    AstroLinguistics© galactic is an advanced course teaching you how to journey deeper into the world of personal evolution through intuitive processes to create "medicine" from your own life journey in order to give others an invitation into the galactic order. galactic is an invitation to applying this intuitive awareness to your living a life of personal growth, heightening the vibrational cycles in the world around you. Deep inner explorations as applied to influencing the world with love and kindness. Applying the intuitive skills while navigating intense karmic patterns, Teo developed galactic over 40 years of astrological study and over 30-year active counselling practice. Sharing personal practices through consulting with thousands of people, he birthed AstroLinguistics© galactic, an eight week course. We navigate together between the seen and 'un-seen' worlds of your deepest core Self, within the context of the world around us, while investigating the transformations and challenges your life presents.The galactic course includes the galactic oracle deck©, an oracular card deck designed by Teo and Kriya for this training. Teo and Kriya will walk with you as you genuinely learn to nurture these powerful gifts, and bringing together the ability to serve yourself and others.

    sourcer course

    including the sourcer oracle deck©

    The sourcer oracle deck© is in gestation and will be born in perfect space/time coordinates blessed be right ways and right timing


    AstroLinguistics© sourcer is an advanced course with Teo and Kriya accepting how to merge with the Divine. The life giving archetypes, angels, ancestors, allies, and galactic beings contained in our inner life team called the Oracle. Oracles and their components allow higher channels of contact with the Divine Infinite Source. We all are influenced and informed each day whether we are conscious or aware of their contributions. Each human being has an Oracle . The Oracle it is an evolutional being as if it were alive. It requires care and nurturance and the space and time to learn to grow and expand to protect and insure your inner security no matter what the outer world is doing. The answer to outer chaos is inner peace. sourcer is a journey to find the fine threads of Light showing you the way into the source as a journey of Love, eroding away Duality. Allowing for presence and cultivating silence is the fuel for gathering the highest vibrational of peace and love into our lives and of those whom we love.



    "There is One unchanging indivisible Reality which, though un-manifest, reveals Itself in infinite multiplicity and diversity."

    Anandamayi Ma

  • "Where you stumble there lies your treasure."

    ~Joseph Campbell

    "In the mess lies the medicine."

    ~ Beloved gift from a beloved


    Evolutionary and Astrological Mentoring with Teo

    Mentoring is a relationship, a 'walk' together with Teo through life and what life brings. Teo's presence and guidance supports the authentic evolutionary unfolding that the Divine Source meant for you to be. Discovering the deep language of the Soul by creating a conscious relationship with it while on its journey brings deeper compassion, forgiveness and heightened evolution. Mentoring will challenge you to be acutely present in your life, encouraging your natural gifts. It’s best to think of working in cycles of 12 sessions, weekly or monthly. Mentoring offers an in-depth journey into the mystical aspects of Self as they occur in the immediate world surrounding us. This is a very individualized experience and will be better defined with a personal meeting with Teo. All concerns and questions welcome!

    Learning AstroLinguistics© in an individualized format requires a special person with the passion to explore the traditions and innovations which are evolving the art and science of astrology. This is a course which is individualized based on your needs and previous experience. Especially exciting for astrologers wishing to polish their intuitive and professional needs developing new applications and expanded offerings to your clients and abundance in business.

  • Community Services

    All these offerings are free of charge to clients

    End of Life Doula and Spiritual Crisis Mentoring


    This is a service Teo offers to any client who is walking their way through loss, grief and transition. Taking in the entire life and death process this is offered free of charge for all clients. This includes preparing for death and gentle companionship through the process. Also you may need support after or during a spiritual emergency. There is a brief consultation before to outline needs and to identify what kind of individual spiritual support you may require on the journey we will be on together.

    Infinite Presence Circle

    New Moon celebration

    continuing 2023

    Every monthly new moon, Teo and Mira Sophia meet for a community event offering the wisdom and love of Kriya in a group community dynamic delivered by Teo and Mira. These events are free of charge for all clients and friends. We are blessed to have the beautiful and expansive soul of Mira Sophia who offers a brilliant presence giving invocation, leadership and circle conversation along with Teo. Teo and Mira and Kriya lead the integration and discussion included in each event. Saturday of new moon week at 10:00 am Pacific. Contact Teo at teosorbit@gmail.com for booking your place in the circle.

    A Kings Journey

    Beginning 2023


    A Kings Journey is free of charge for all male identified clients coming together to explore the evolution of life together as people seeking wholeness. A Kings Circle occurs within a secure and confidential space. This is under Teo’s guidance with his Oracle team companion Kriya. A Kings Journey is a safe space to explore the full range of what it is to be whole and complete as men who honour the Divine Feminine along with the highest vibrations of maleness. First Saturday of each month @ 10:00 am Pacific. Contact Teo @teosorbit@gmail.com for booking you place in the circle.



    Teo has been an astrologer since 1980 and is a life-long ancestral intuitive. His path of integrating the deep life experiences has had continue to inspire him, and fascinates his curiosity for human evolution, including each individual’s Soul development. He calls this continued study and instruction AstroLinguistics©.


    During your session Teo tends to the relationship of your spirit guidance team called the Oracle, by merging with his own Oracle team in a sacred space created before your session. The information from the unseen worlds is then communicated to you through sound, word and vibrational linguistic patterns that he shares with you during your session.


    You don't need to be an astrologer to benefit from the study of AstroLinguistics©, just the awareness that now is the time to dive into the practical applications of living intuitively.


    Huber Mastery

    University of Exeter, UK


    Findhorn Community Residence

    Forres, Scotland


    NLP Master Programmer

    San Francisco CA USA


    Certified, Clinical Ericksonian Hypnotherapist

    Vancouver BC, Canada


    Certified Death Doula CDI

    Vancouver BC

    Teo prepares and researches each person’s chart hours before the session to deliver you the deepest, most useful information.

    Teo encourages you to access your own natural and authentic intuition and powers of creation. His message is to embrace the present moment which holds the potential of all that is and to love from this time/space centred-ness in gratitude and service to Source.


    AstroLinguistics© is an evolutionary set of tools for the development intuition in each of us. It is derived from Teo's authentic Aquarian driven need to call upon the intuition to drive the moment. AstroLinguistics© is an intuitive based astrological language in the spirit of the renowned humanist Dane Rudhyar and the Huber's psychological system. Teo's intention is to reframe and bring the ancient knowledge of astrology into the Age of Aquarius, which is just beginning a 2000-year unfoldment. Teo is passionate about mapping the psyche and Soul on this journey.

  • Testimonials


    Julie Freed

    "Teo is the most gifted, intuitive counselor/astrologer I have met and I have been to many!! He is completely heart centred and tapped into the stars and universe in ways that blow me away.

    His readings have helped guide me throughout my life for many years and I recommend him often to my dearest ones."

    Lisa Fitzhugh

    A reading with Teo, was like stepping into a luminous evening gown designed and fitted by an ancient tailor of the soul. In sweet increments of your insight, I felt closer and closer to the precise complexity of what I deeply know about myself but have found so hard to embody. You speak a language of the heart, the syntax of which is so elegant and advanced yet so familiar that it allowed the transmission to descend into my nervous system and rewire her. To share time with a master of his or her craft, as I was able to do with you, is to understand why we’re all here. What a profound gift for us all.

    Mira Sophia

    "Teo’s ability to see into his clients through the lens of astrology as well as his well honed intuitive knowing allows him to be one of the most brilliant oracular guides I know. Teo is a deep soul with a beautiful compassionate heart. One would be blessed many times over to receive a reading from him."

    Jane Sterling

    “I’m not one to have relations with guides and the unseen world but Teo offers very tangible insight and support with his expertise of astrology, using his guides and intuition.”

    Kelly Tisdel

    "Teo offers unparalleled soulful, direct, and supportive guidance. In a time of major change, he shone a light to the steps ahead with the highest channeled wisdom. I have been deeply blessed by him and am so grateful for his gift and the way it has helped me in my life."

    Terra Gold

    "Teo has by far been my most beloved psychic astrology guide, holding my hand in spirit through many stages of my life…spanning over three decades! His guidance, suggestions and tools have consistently assisted my growth, offering wisdom and framework that have helped me trust my life’s unfolding, have patience, and acceptance in times when I most needed reminders for those valuable skills. He is a pure channel and exquisitely skilled at sharing exactly what most needs to be shared."

    Lesley Hu

    "Teo is the real deal in all meanings of those words.

    I have been through the darkest and most traumatic experience, losing my 9 year old son to murder - and very few people can walk with me in that darkness. But Teo's depth of love, his intuitive gifts and his willingness to go to any depths to walk with me through the trauma and pain, truly sets him apart from most. With integrity and kindness, Teo went with me through the clouds of every emotion, to help me get back to my own self, and own my own power, all WITH my son. This is truly an art to be able to mix trauma healing with spirituality... I know that my journey is nowhere near done, but I am so grateful that I can lean on Teo when I need it."

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